What can I say about myself & this journal?   I, like all of us beautiful girls, am many things to many people…a mum, a wife, a daughter, a chef, a sister, a taxi, an auntie, a social secretary, a niece, a Guide Leader, a teacher, a friend, a visual artist & photographer….. just to mention a few, in fact the “list” of who & what we are is enormous (& sometimes quite tiring).  The thing is, I love each role I play with the people & pets whom I am lucky enough to share my life with.  They have all, in some way, shaped the person I am today & the way I see the world.  I am a visual person, I see the world in images, hues of colour, shades of black & white & the quality of light.  This is my passion, something I was born with & something that is essential as the air I breathe to live life to the fullest.  Every day I work either capturing new photographs or creating works of art from my captured visions.  It is what I love, it is what inspires me.  Come on this journey with me, share my visions & be inspired to find your passion the way I have mine.

P.S. Along the way be prepared for a little zumba dancing, yoga breathing, coffee (& the odd drop of wine) drinking, chocolate eating, bohemian dressing…& freedom of spirit to be inspired to be who you are.

Come along with me…Laugh, Love, Live Photography….