Laugh, Love, Live Photography…

What can I say about myself & this journal?   I, like all of us beautiful girls, am many things to many people…a mum, a wife, a daughter, a chef, a sister, a taxi, an auntie, a social secretary, a niece, a Guide Leader, a teacher, a friend, a visual artist & photographer….. just to mention a few, in fact the “list” of who & what we are is enormous (& sometimes quite tiring).  The thing is, I love each role I play with the people & pets whom I am lucky enough to share my life with.  They have all, in some way, shaped the person I am today & the way I see the world.  I am a visual person, I see the world in images, hues of colour, shades of black & white & the quality of light.  This is my passion, something I was born with & something that is essential as the air I breathe to live life to the fullest.  Every day I work either capturing new photographs or creating works of art from my captured visions.  It is what I love, it is what inspires me.  Come on this journey with me, share my visions & be inspired to find your passion the way I have mine.

P.S. Along the way be prepared for a little zumba dancing, yoga breathing, coffee (& the odd drop of wine) drinking, chocolate eating, bohemian dressing…& freedom of spirit to be inspired to be who you are.

Come along with me…Laugh, Love, Live Photography….

Teen Dream Sessions


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What I remember most about my teenage years were the wonderful times I spent with my friends. Great memories of hilarious fun & sharing the joy of friendship. At the time I didn’t realise how much freedom we had…you often don’t until you are older! Capturing these three elements…Fun, Freedom & Friendship, within a photo session, creates a bond for all the teenagers involved…  One that will have everlasting memories & bring a smile to their faces every time they remember the day through their photos.  In years to come these images will become priceless memories.

Capturing teens doing what they do best...chilling out &'s what friends do!

Capturing teens doing what they do best…chilling out & talking…it’s what friends do!

We love vintage just seems to suit's so sweet.

We love vintage style…it just seems to suit teens….it’s so sweet.

What better place to have fun than the beach!  The golden days of summer & friendship together, perfect recipe for fun!

What better place to have fun than the beach! The golden days of summer & friendship together, perfect recipe for fun!

Precious Li’l Things


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“Know you what it is to be a child? …… it is to believe in love, to believe in loveliness, to believe in belief; it is to be so little that the elves can reach to whisper in your ear; it is to turn pumpkins into coaches, and mice into horses, lowness into loftiness, and nothing into everything, for each child has its fairy godmother in its soul…”
Francis Thompson Shelley

Adorable clothing from Precious Li’l Things +
2 little cutie pies +
& a photographer with a vision =
The Essence of Childhood…

Innocence, Playtime, Magical, Fantasy, Enchanting, Natural, Dreamy, Fairy Tales, Cherish, Nurture, Sweetness…